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Yesterday Politico ran an excellent expose on Pat Buchanan. Read it HERE. Do read it. I learned a few things I didn’t know about Pat even though I’ve been an admirer since at least 1992, to include supporting his 1996 Presidential bid.

Buchanan, for his part, feels both validated and vindicated. Long ago resigned to the reality that his policy views made him a pariah in the Republican Party—and stained him irrevocably with the ensuing accusations of racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia—he has lived to see the GOP come around to Buchananism and the country send its direct descendant to the White House.

“I was elated, delighted that Trump picked up on the exact issues on which I challenged Bush,” he tells me. “And then he goes and uses my slogan? It just doesn’t get any better than this.” Buchanan, who has published such books as The Death of the West, State of Emergency, Day of Reckoning and Suicide of a Superpower, admits that November’s election result “gave me hope” for the first time in recent memory.

But none of this means he’s suddenly bullish about America’s future. Buchanan says he has “always been a pessimist,” and despite Trump’s conquest, two things continue to color his dark forecast for the nation. First, Buchanan harbors deep concerns over whether Trump, with his off-topic tweeting and pointless fight-picking, has the requisite focus and discipline to execute his nationalist agenda—especially over the opposition of a media-establishment complex bent on his destruction. Second, even if Trump delivers on the loftiest of his promises, Buchanan fears it will be too little, too late. Sweeping change was needed 25 years ago, he says, before thousands of factories vanished due to the North American Free Trade Agreement, before millions of illegal immigrants entered the country, before trillions of dollars were squandered on regime change and nation-building.


Andre Chung / Politico.

Things would have worked out better had he made it to the White House in 1993, or 1997, or even 2001. Time was running out, then, and had expired by January of 2009. As the article notes, or Pat noted, the time for radical change was then, rather than now. The good news is that we can still gain a little Buchananism every week at http://buchanan.org/blog/.

I also can’t help but note that this subject article reads almost like a lifetime achievement piece or an obituary. I am not sure if it more resembles an epitaph for Pat or one for the Old Republic. It could be both.

I shared his uncharacteristic optimism about Trump last year as well as his current, well-founded reservations. That party to which he devoted so much attention continues to flounder, even in its victories. Just yesterday, also: Ryan: Focus is on keeping government open, not healthcare. Yes, we must keep Mordor up and running at all costs (and those are high). Of they try hard enough they may yet be able to wield the Ring of Power.

Back to Pat B.: he owns and displays a rare replica of Robert E. Lee’s 1851 Colt Navy revolver. That’s pretty cool.