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Bearing Arms reports on various irregularities found in So Cal by the ATF:

Violations include selling a firearm without a license (FFL status). Some officers were also purchasing firearms with the intent to resell them or purchasing a firearm on behalf of someone else, which would make them a straw purchaser.

According to ATF’s Los Angeles’ spokeswoman Ginger Colbrun, the ATF is wanting to educate law enforcement officers.

“There is no extra consideration,” Colburn told the San Diego Union Tributor “We believe the most effective way to stop the behavior is to educate law enforcement in what the laws are and aren’t.”

The California Police Chiefs Association sent out the memo last week. Local law enforcement officers forwarded the memo on to their officers and deputies.

“I sent it out to every single one of my cops saying, ‘Don’t forget. This is the way it’s supposed to be done.’ …I felt (the memo) was a reminder that these are the rules and we are not exempt from them,” Escondido Police Chief Craig Carter said.


Coming to a city near you! My Gun Culture.

Yes, this is the same ATF that ran tens of thousands of guns (and a few heavier weapons) to the cartels in Mexico. The pot knows a kettle when it sees one.