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A little twist: with all the recent emphasis on trucks and bombs, Kori Ali Muhammad changed things up by getting back to the gun. He murdered three people in Fresno.

Dyer said Muhammad had expressed hatred toward white people and the government. The chief said he shouted “Allahu Akbar” before turning himself into police.

Dyer said he wasn’t clear if it was terror-related.

No. Not very clear at all. Honky-hating Muhammad shoots down three people while uttering the magic words. Obviously not terrorism. Really, there’s nothing to see here. Nothing at all. Pay those taxes and get the TeeVee back on as quickly as you can.

One oddity: part of the murder spree happened at a local Catholic Charities office. CC has been a big player in getting as many terrorists into America as possible. What could go wrong? Clearly not terrorism.