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Sometimes bad things cannot be reliably predicted. A five-year-old child is dead after he became trapped between a table and a wall at Atlanta’s rotating Sundial restaurant.

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Channel 2 / AJC.

The Sundial sits atop the downtown Westin hotel, occupying the 72nd and 73rd floors. If you haven’t been there, you must go. The tables downstairs and the lounge seating upstairs revolve fully once per hour. The views from 72 floors up are impressive. On a clear day one can see all of Atlanta and as far away as Alabama and the mountains of North Georgia.

I highly recommend the experience at night. I also recommend the fillet, medium-rare (no ketchup, Donny). If the outside, glass elevator ride is a bit much your you … wimps … there are internal options. Just ask the lobby desk.

Once or twice I pondered safety at the Sundial. The gaps between the outer windows and the inner walls and the moving floors are extremely thin. I suppose the boy was somehow caught between a column and the table. I didn’t know they had an automatic shutoff but it makes sense. I think the boy’s tragic end was a freak accident. I’ve never heard a similar story and imagine there won’t be any repeats.

The same cannot be said of Europe and, specifically, Mallorca, Spain. This was the site of today’s terror attack. (Thanks to Vox for breaking this one).

Another invader. Another sidewalk. More carnage. ISIS has had a suspicious presence on the island for at least a year. This particular Muslim terrorist says he actually lost control of the car. Please ignore Nice, Columbus, Berlin, London, Stockholm and other similar, deliberate attacks. Five are known injured, some critically.

Some things cannot be prevented. Some can. Or could.