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And yet that did not stop another ISIS terrorist from driving a stolen truck through a crowd in Stockholm, killing four and wounding fifteen.

Swedish police have arrested a man in north Stockholm who has confessed to carrying out a deadly truck attack in the centre of the city, local media reports.

The man has some light injuries and said he was responsible for the attack, Reuters reported quoting local news outlet Aftonbladet.

Swedish police said they had arrested one person in connection with the attack, saying he resembled the man in CCTV images released.

“We went public with information and a picture of a person that we were interested in,” regional police official Jan Evensson told a news conference.

“The person who is arrested resembles that description which means we have particular interest in him in regard to the ongoing investigation.”

Authorities had been hunting a terrorist ringleader and any associates after today’s attack in Stockholm where a truck rammed into a large crowd of people in a busy shopping district.

Four people are confirmed dead and 15 adults and children injured, nine seriously, in the suspected terror attack.

An “Asian” man in a stolen truck running down pedestrians. Why does this sound familiar? Hmmm. Nice? Berlin? Ohio State? London? That’s just wheels against feet – not counting all the bullets, bombs, and knives.

I’m missing more incidents surely. I miss a lot of things. Missing a concert right now. Missed the alarm this morning. Missing some marbles…

Five recent vehicular homicide attacks in my fuzzy recent memory. And there will be more. I also seem to remember the media and the SJWs and other idiots up in arms when a certain someone said there was a terror problem in Sweden. Now the same fools thinks that certain someone fires beautiful missiles.

The missiles did nothing but stir up worse troubles. They certainly didn’t stop the attacks in and against the West.


Might as well have fired the Tomahawks at Stockholm. Rex Features / Mirror.

I know that more than a few Vikings are rolling over in their graves. This was a major attack. The minor ones happen in Sweden on a daily and nightly basis. No-go zones. Rape-apalppza. Burning cars. Burning buildings. The cancer spreads. Attacking Syria does nothing – except possibly generate more future truck terrorist “refugees” for Europe and America.

Even among the most insane subjects there is a general cause and effect relationship.

Leave them alone there. Do not allow them here.

It’s that, or war.