2017: Darius wasn’t hick enough for CC. And Rock Fore is gone – it’s country crooning forever more. Ten years after Cheap Trick rocked the Masters. Y’all can have it all; I’ll be in FLA.

Happy Last day of Winter 2017…


Today we observe the vernal equinox in the Northern hemisphere, better known as the first day of Spring. It’s a big deal for gardeners and sun worshipers, both beachy and pagan. Today also marks the feast of Palm Sunday, the commemoration of Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem and the beginning of Holy Week. Easter is coming fast.

300px-Assisi-frescoes-entry-into-jerusalem-pietro_lorenzettiPietro Lorenzetti, 1320.

There are but five days until the release of what may be the best Batman movie ever, judging by the last two trailers.

In the Garden City preparations are almost finished for the 2016 Masters Tournament and related festivities. The azaleas are blooming. John Daly is prepping his RV. The big tent at Hooters will be up any day.

If you’re in town the evening of Tuesday, April 5th, you can attend the annual Rock Fore! Dough charity concert in Columbia County. When I returned to Augusta nine years ago the…

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