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Somewhere in here, maybe more than once, I’ve knocked self-driving autos, computers, and technology. I’ve noted Telsa’s reliability in their current Crash-mobiles.

Still, I’ve noticed an inordinate number of Teslas buzzing around Tampa. There’s something like 1 in every 40 cars or a whole lot, whichever is more. That, and there’s quite a few Maseratis down here.

Anyway, I have observed these electro-cars in action and I read the local news. For all that daily operation I’ve yet to see or hear of a crash. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a sound concept. I feel generous today. (Could be the coffee talking).

And the things seem peppy. Direct electric drive does offer superior torque to the average gas engine. The thing that holds them back is the range. I suppose commuting around SOHO, Palma Ceia, and downtown is well within the capability.

As far as the power thing goes, the largest and heaviest off-road trucks utilize a dual diesel-electric system (yes, giant 400-ton hybrids) with an electric motor mounted behind each wheel(s).

There’s all that to ponder. And this lovely picture: