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Just yesterday I wrote of the Diminishing Value of Degrees and the fact that major companies no longer require them. It seems private companies aren’t the only ones feeling that way; public universities are joining on.

At the University of California’s San Francisco campus, 79 IT employees lost their jobs this week, some of them after explaining to their replacements at Indian outsourcing firm HCL how to do their jobs.

The union representing the employees, University Professional and Technical Employees CWA Local 9119, says it’s the first time a public university has offshored American IT jobs.

In a statement sent yesterday, UPTE-CWA says the layoffs could spread, since the HCL contract can be utilized by any of the 10 campuses in the University of California system, the nation’s largest public university. “US taxes should be used to create jobs in the US, not in other countries,” said Kurt Ho, a systems administrator who was quoted in the union’s press release. Ho was required to train his replacement as a condition of getting his severance pay.

In its statement on the matter, UCSF says that it was pushed to hire outside contractors due to “increased demand for information technology and escalating costs for these services.” The university says it will save more than $30 million by hiring HCL, after seeing IT costs nearly triple between 2011 and 2016, “driven by the introduction of the electronic medical record and increased digital connectivity.”


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The old, temporarily somewhat true story went like this: go to a “good” school; get a degree there; use the degree to get a “good” job; work there for 30-40 years; retire happy in Florida. That’s no longer true at all, even at the “good” schools, the places that confer the degrees.

UCSF terminated skilled, dedicated, degreed American professionals in favor of who-knows-the skills?, who-knows-the language H-1B immigrants (or remotes). All to save a few dollars. Odds are, this plan will backfire, with the replacements costing much more in repetition, poor communication, failed systems, and other problems.

Look for this to spread, especially at the hypocritical schools. Tuition is higher than ever and rising. Presidents, administrators, and football coaches are paid like royalty. But there’s no money… And no jobs. Even with one of those trusty degrees.

I wonder what the students in the UCSF Computer Sciences Department, where they’re “Computing for a better tomorrow“, think? Tomorrow,who knows. Today doesn’t look so hot.