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This week the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an insane,and flatly communist, decision on the Second Amendment. They held that AR15s and other “high-capacity” firearms are “dangerous” and not protected arms for the people. The terrible 110-page order.

I’ll have plenty to say about this soon enough. For now: it’s idiotic, communist, anti-American, it stinks, and it will be overturned.

The Court based its decision, partly, on the Supreme Court’s porous ruling in D.C. v. Heller (2008), which I have previously described as a dangerous victory for guns rights. More on that later.



For now, this ruling smacks the faces of the Second Amendment, American history, and the people’s choice of some of the most popular weapons of all time.

I would suggest the ruling judges from this panel be impeached for misconduct, following their physical removal and detention as enemy combatants.