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Conservative Republicans cannot lead, have no spines, and need medication. Seriously. Years have passed with a hundred promises to rectify the ruinous ACA and, now with everything in place, ……. nothing. Pathetic.

Jim DeMint pointed out the painfully obvious to his former colleagues:

Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint, the former South Carolina Republican senator, called on activists attending the Conservative Political Action Conference to push their members of Congress to send to President Donald Trump the same legislation that dismantled the law and was vetoed by President Barack Obama with all due haste.

“We must and we can repeal Obamacare now,” DeMint said. “They should send that same bill to President Trump right now.”

They previously passed the Bill through a less amenable Congress prior to an Obama veto. All of the obstacles are now removed. What on Earth is the holdup!?

And you people vote and pay for this!