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**Either they know something we don’t. Or, else, they’re admitting something we won’t. And either way, it’s too bad. The ‘repatriation-tied-to-visa-program’ angle in this is beautiful. Take back the illegal migrants or we stop all of them, legals too. And, Mexico would risk terminating its largest trade and economic agreements (a large percentage of their GDP). They’ll take ’em back – maybe to camps just south of the Rio Grande – but they’ll take them.**

Oh man, the winning is getting almost too exponential today. Mexico’s Foreign Minister Videgaray states his government will not allow President Trump to deport illegal Mexican aliens back into Mexico. He’s setting himself up for a big problem, here’s why. What no one noticed yet was Trump administration immediately postponed the release of the new immigration policy […]

via Mexico Again Demands Illegal Alien Mexicans Be Kept Out of Mexico… — The Last Refuge