The following is from last summer. And it’s about to become relevant again – more on that tomorrow. By the end of this month (Feb., 2017) we should hear President Trump’s State of the Union address and we should see his idea of a federal budget. Somewhere in those one should expect to find either tax cuts or a an overhaul of the entire tax system. My 2016 article highlighted that such changes, from D.C., are usually doubled-edged. Developing…


Conservatives tend to lionize anyone associated with their ideology. Fewer politicians have been more ingrained in conservative mythology than Ronald Wilson Reagan. Rush Limbaugh explained:

He was optimistic and happy. He was infectious. He dared to embrace big ideas. He dared to do big things to overcome huge obstacles in the midst of all kinds of experts telling him it couldn’t be done, in the midst of all kinds of criticism, in the midst of all kinds of personal insults.

He rejected Washington elitism and connected directly with the American people who adored him. He didn’t need the press. He didn’t need the press to spin what he was or what he said. He had the ability to connect individually with each American who saw him. That is an incredible — I don’t even want to say “talent.” It’s a characteristic that so few Americans have, so few people…

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