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I watched a video from Tommy Robinson’s Twitter feed today. I decided not to include it here because, while illustrative, it’s just that. It depicted a Planet of the Apes – esque scene from Paris in which a horde of wild heathens attacked a police officer. Illustrative – of the new trend of disintegrating civilization.

Mobs of black-clad communist “youth” have joined forces with angry Muslims and African “immigrants” in a bid to take down the West. And they’re doing a hell of a job.

The mob attacked an immobilized police car, the officer still inside. After breaking out all of the windows, they set it on fire. Again, the officer was inside. As the car began to burn he exited and fought his way free. Here’s a capture pic for the heck of it:



The officer, as pictured, had just expertly executed a “rising X” block against an assault – one of four excellent blocks he used before fleeing the vastly superior numbers of his assailants. He was well-trained and it may have saved his life. Good use of physical training.

I note that he was also armed with a handgun. That, he did not utilize. In this case I think he would have been perfectly justified in shooting everyone within range. For some reason he decided against that. It worked out well for him and the attackers, though not for the cruiser, which was evidently destroyed. Many men would not have had his patience under similar circumstances. I certainly respect his judgement.  Mental preparation.

This scene is becoming more and more frequent in the West. Paris, Nice, Brussels, Stockholm, D.C., Charlotte, Berkeley, etc. have all succumbed to the mindless violence (or the violence of the mindless).  They call it the “new normal”.

Regardless of whether you’re ready to accept the “new normal” you should be ready to deal with it. And that leads me to a recent guest post from The Dark Triad Man’s site (hey, Buddy). Please read, and take to heart, the following: HOW TO PREPARE YOUR BODY AND MIND FOR IMMINENT VIOLENCE.

Whether it is rioting criminals, a hurricane or man versus man, it makes no difference. Violence is headed your way, and it is up to you to ensure that neither you nor your family go silently into the night.

As Ivan said earlier today,

“Make the bastard Reaper pay an exorbitant cost to take you!”

The Parisian officer wasn’t looking for a headache that day. Odds are you won’t either. Still, violence can and will find you. Be ready for it.