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Hope your’s is a great one. Here’s part of my historical, inspirational piece lifted from Freedom Prepper this morning:

Now, before we indulge in the modern secularism of the day – the flowers and chocolates – a quick word from history. Saint Valentine was a real man. He lived in the Roman Empire in the 3rd Century, before the acceptance of Christianity.

He is remembered today as the Saint of Love and with good reason. He traveled and converted young lovers to Christ. And he married them in Christ’s name. For this he was arrested, persecuted, and executed (Martyred) outside of Rome in 269 A.D.

For us, there are several lessons from his story. Today, Christians are under constant attack – from the secularists and the communists, from radical Muslims, and even from each other. We must know we’re on to something because of the attacks. More importantly, in the end, love concurs all – the love of Jesus and our more earthy romantic loves.


By Hand, With Heart.

Though they may not execute us now – or yet – the hardships are real. But they shall not endure. Love on. And have a great day!