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North to Canada

Word has it that many recent arrivals in the U.S. are preemptively self-deporting. This comes ahead of President Trump’s full measures to reform immigration and secure America for Americans. It seems that these good folks didn’t really want to live here after all. Canada, it seems, is where the warmer welcome and more generous welfare benefits may be had. Northern neighbors: buyer beware.

Bigger, Better Bombs?

During a visit to MacDill AFB in Tampa, the President told assembled troops he was going to heavily “invest” in America’s military. What he means by this remains to be seen. However, it sounds expensive, especially for a nation that already spends more on the military than the rest of the world and also happens to be dead broke.

If this has to do with a modernization, aimed at actual defense of the U.S. from terrorists, then good. If it has to do with the Iran saber-rattling, then … hmmmmmm…

Gaga for Gaga

I enjoyed Lady Gaga’s entertainment last night at Super Bowl LI (that’s “51” for the Falcons fans). Heck, I want to take her out!

Someone found something to grumble about. They think she was secretly sending hippy protest messages to the Soros Rent-A-Mobs. I honestly didn’t see it. Too busy watching her. So I looked again. Still just a short blonde beauty with an awesome voice. I’d better check her out check it out again to be sure.

And I have halted the memes for now. I lost my favorite. Deleted it or something. Anyway, the intended audience was too stunned today to notice. And it’s not nice to rub it in. Having said that, I leave you with this: