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Steel. That emotional control I wrote about earlier. A steely resolve to do the impossible.


The Patriots

From the Boston Herald:

Tom Brady and the Patriots rewrote the history books and the storylines last night with their epic, 34-28 victory against the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. They trailed 28-3 midway through the third quarter before ripping off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Prior to this, the Pats’ 10-point comeback two years ago against the Seahawks had set the bar.

Tom Brady completed 43 of 62 passes for 466 yards, two touchdowns and an interception, and he was 12 of 16 for 150 yards on the tying and winning drives in the fourth quarter and overtime. The five-time champion led his 51st game-winning drive in the 51st Super Bowl.

I read in the Boston or sporting press somewhere the “grading” of the team. “A” for Brady. “B” for coaching. “Cs” for the defense. I guess “B” stands for “bravo” and “Cs” stands for “Champions”.

First come-from-behind from more than 10 points win in Super Bowl history.

First Super Bowl in overtime.

Record Ninth Super Bowl appearance (seven with Brady and Coach B.).

Fifth win (all behind Brady) (NE looks to tie the Steelers record 6 next year).

Brady’s 466 passing yards – SB record.

Brady is undeniably the best quarterback in history.

First SB of the MAGA era.

Probably a bunch of other records.

The greatest performance in the greatest SB (according to someone at ESPN). I agree.

And the Pats did all of this on the heels of a year when they alone had to play one extra game, a game that lasted the whole season. They played a year-long game against the NFL itself and most of the rest of the world. And they won. The NFL, Roger Goodell, and all the rest are losers.

Goodell should resign. Today.

Brady, Coach B., and Co. showed what you do when the world is against you: turn all the hatred into resolve and beat the world down.

And they’re not done yet…

The Falcons

The Falcons aren’t done either. They had an outstanding season and played an incredible game. They dominated 3/4ths of it – they dominated the best team in history. Maybe no-one else could have done that. In the end it was not enough, though it was impressive.

I’ve read many rants about the 4th quarter disintegration. That was destiny. Sorry. But nobody is harder on themselves than Atlanta fans.

Some in Atlanta are already talking about “next year” – a familiar UGA phrase. That is the spirit. But put it off for another year. They’re saying the same thing in Boston and, there, they mean it.


The “meaning it” is critical. Four things are required to win football championships: a great coach, a great quarterback, a demanding, loyal owner, and an expectant, demanding fan base. Boston is a sports crazed town, best of all American cities; they have all elements across all their teams – especially in the Patriots. Fanatics doesn’t come close. Atlanta finally has the first three but not yet the fourth.

The winning psyche matters. The AJC’s Mark Bradley captured it perfectly last night (if harshly): Mark Bradley: Falcons lose the most Atlanta game ever. When you make your city’s name synonymous with losing, you have a problem.

The Falcons fan base needs to analyze 37 years of failed UGA football. “Good”, “pretty good”, “almost”, “high winning percentage”, and “next year” just don’t cut it. They have to expect excellence and demand excellence. Stop focusing on how someone else is the worst and become the best yourselves.


Take everything I just wrote about Atlanta and invert it. As President Trump Tweeted: “They’re winners.”

The Commercials/SJW Watch

I think someone at the NFL and Madison Avenue finally got the memo that Americans are tired of anti-Americanisms. The SJW nonsense was there, subtly, though it was much more muted than I had expected.

Also, I think the age of the stellar, funny, and memorable SB commercials is over.

Lady Gaga

Wow. Part of me (and others) half expected Gaga, an outspoken liberal, to politically ham up her show and continue the shenanigans from 2016. Instead she opened patriotically and put on a heck of a show. In answer to that stupid Masters question of a few years back: “Lady Gaga or Lady Antebellum?” – I’ll take Gaga.

Professional. Witty. Fun. And hot…

The Memes

Will continue: