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This is a good one: Matt Labash on the slip-sliding culture:

Remember when grandpa used to dispense wise clichés like “Grin and bear it”? Sorry gramps, we don’t do that anymore. We’ve traded out for “grimace and express it”. The traditional hallmarks of “manliness”—bravery, stoicism, physical courage—have been discounted for some time now, and are damn near being criminalized by the likes of Reiner and The Emasculators.

As ever-wise Harvey Mansfield, who literally wrote the book on manliness (titled, appropriately, Manliness) put it: “Today the very word manliness seems quaint and obsolete. We are in the process of making the English language gender neutral, and manliness, the quality of one gender, or rather, of one sex, seems to describe the essence of the enemy we are attacking, the evil we are eradicating.” Sometimes, I wonder if I should be encouraging my own two sons to go full Caitlyn, as owning a penis 20 years from now will likely be considered as criminal as drinking a large Coke or driving your own car.

It’s not enough that they are freaks. That would be tolerable, for the most part, by itself. The problem is that they want us gone. Dead and gone. Look at what passes for protest in D.C., Berkeley, etc. While the left denounces everyone under the sun (you included) as Nazis, they engage in violent Nazi tactics.

This won’t be one-sided much longer.