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One of my themes here is fitness. When I first kicked off in 2012 I was a large, oozy blob. By the time I reinvigorated things in 2013 I was down 40 or 50 pounds. It’s closer to 80 now, permanent, and I’ve never felt better.

Someone else is making big changes too. Paul White (a.k.a. The Big Show) of WWE(F) fame has recently shed 70 pounds. And he looks great.


@BigShow / Twitter.

I haven’t watched raslin lately but I do recall when White debuted. He was around 500 pounds. Now, still seven feet tall, he’s under 400. You can bet he’s more dangerous than ever now. And he feel’s better for it.

Congratulations, Big Show!

Now, after you watch the next match, go to the gym.