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One thing I caught in Trump’s initial remarks as President today was that we will eradicate Islamic terrorism from the face of the Earth. Today would not be too soon. Cars and trucks are the new ISIS weapon of choice. Silly Roos gave up their guns for nothing.

I’ll take you all out… you’ll need an army to take me’: Chilling Facebook posts of driver who ploughed into pedestrians in Melbourne, killing four and injuring 25 after stealing car from man and threatening to ‘gouge his eyes out’

Four people have died after a car ploughed into crowds in Melbourne’s city centre, on Friday

A young child is among the dead and four other children were injured in the rampage

The man behind the wheel was shot in the arm by police before he was arrested in his underwear

The driver of the red car has been identified as 26-year-old Dimitrious ‘Jimmy’ Gargasoulas

Eyewitness said the ‘people were literally just flying like skittles, bouncing off the bonnet’

Police say he was involved in a domestic stabbing incident in a suburb earlier Friday

The man who ran over and killed four people while rampaging through Melbourne had posted on Facebook ‘I’ll take you all out’ and stole the vehicle after threatening to ‘gouge the owner’s eyes out’.

The driver of the car, identified as Dimitrious ‘Jimmy’ Gargasoulas, is a Melbourne local who was charged with family violence offences last weekend and was out on bail when he ploughed through crowds in the city centre on Friday.

Gargasoulas, 26, has a history of mental health and drug abuse issues and police say he was also involved in a domestic stabbing incident at 2am on Friday.

After attacking his brother, Gargasoulas is accused of storming into his mother’s ex-boyfriend, Gavin Wilson’s, housing commission apartment and demanding the keys to his Holden Commodore.

The 76-year-old said Gargasoulas came into his flat with a Bible, set it alight and threw the burning book into his face before threatening to gouge his eye out.

‘He asked me twice for (the keys) and I said “no, I’m not giving it to you”,’ Mr Wilson said in an interview with Seven News.

‘Then he put his hand in my eye and started pressing. He said “Give them to me or I’ll gouge your eye out”, so I said “OK, OK”.’

Stealing cars, threatening old people, killing small children – we’ve seen all that before. Throwing a flaming Bible is a new one. It’s all getting old. I will note this particular lone wolf seems a little crazier than the ordinary. Maybe ISIS is scraping the bottom of the barrel.