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The Fort Lauderdale shooter left five dead and wounded another six (some counts still say eight). He is in custody.

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – The suspected gunman in a deadly attack at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport “lost his mind” after coming back home from a one-year tour in Iraq, family members told the media.

Investigators are now looking into what may have set off 26-year-old Esteban Santiago-Ruiz into a shooting rampage that left five dead and six others wounded.

“Only thing I could tell you was when he came out of Iraq, he wasn’t feeling too good,” his uncle, Hernan Rivera, told the Bergen Record newspaper, as reported by The Associated Press.

Perhaps this was a case of cultural contamination mixed with PTSD. However, there is a strong suggestion of terrorism. Especially considering that Santiago-Ruiz walked into the FBI office in Alaska recently and told them he was working for ISIS. At some point it might pay off to start believing these people.

ISIS has yet to claim responsibility – something they’re prone to do in cases like this. They have a track record of associating mentally disturbed people into their operations. It could be a combination of factors.

Still, one thing is sure. Calls for gun control can’t be far behind. There’s already idiotic chatter about extending airport security to the front doors. Next it will be the parking lot entrance. Creeping incrementalism, none of which will stop ISIS or harden criminals.

Hopefully, given the nature of the incoming administration and Congress, these pleas for communism will ring in vain.

If it all adds up right, this story could be the perfect illustration of the stupidity of American foreign and terrorism policies. A soldier, dispatched to “fight” Islamists in Iraq comes back bat crazy as a result. Then, under the influence of the Islamists, he brings the terror home.

There are reasonably simple solutions to these disorders.


The “new normal” at the American airport.

The terror resumed immediately in 2017, in Turkey. And it didn’t take long to start again here. This was getting old last year.