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Evidence mounts that the “Russian” hacking of the DNC before November’s election was an inside (non-Russian) job.

These things are nearly always inside jobs. This has “disgruntled employee” written all over it. Every whistleblower deal does. Of course, the Democrats would want to bury this one deep because it would also imply that one of their own “did the right thing” and came forward. Which would, obviously, discredit the entire campaign and candidate, to say nothing of the party itself. WikiLeaks isn’t going to say one way or the other because of confidentiality and protecting their source if they even know. Every journalist worthy of the name protects his source. But they’re not going to sit by and watch Russia get blamed wrongly, either.

It also serves the purpose of trying to hamstring Trump as he comes into office. The Democrats have shown they’re willing to start the Second Cold War in order to do this. But the primary motive is self-preservation because if the American people found out this was an inside job, they’re going to see corruption in the Democratic Party pretty much confirmed by them. Not to mention the corruption of the cover-up and then blaming a nuclear-armed nation to do so. People are then going to wonder what else they’re not being told.

Now I can’t prove this was an inside job. But I say history shows that, in both the public and private sector, whistleblowing comes from the inside nearly ten times out of ten. This wasn’t “hacking”, this was whistleblowing. Because “hacking” would have involved disabling their computers and destroying valuable documents. Not revealing things that they DID SAY which would mortally damage their campaign if made public. Let’s compare apples to apples here, not apples to grapefruit. When the United States hacked into Iran’s computers, they inserted a “worm” which wreaked havoc on their systems and destroyed large parts of it. Ok, so why was this not the case with the Democrats’ computers? No, what happened is embarrassing FACTS were revealed. That’s not “hacking”, that’s whistleblowing.

Never mind the absence of evidence of Russian involvement (no idea what the Senate is listening to as I type this). The whistleblower angle is sufficient. And the fact that the cover-uppers are more than willing to risk a war we can’t win speaks perfectly of their character (or lack thereof).

Three things should happen here:

  1. Putin’s feelings are not hurt; heck, he’s laughing about this. Still, Trump should issue an apology as part of the relationship rebuild.
  2. The whistleblower(s), once identified, should be thanked (unless they were part of the cover-up [which would make this a false flag, BTW]).
  3. The cover-up crew should be exiled to Siberia.


The Federalist Papers.