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This is a pet subject of mine. I’ve written about it before several times. In my older article, Proper Cigar Etiquette I offered a brief glimpse of what helps make a great cigar shop great. Several chapters of the Happy Little Cigar Book are so dedicated and I even offer a short list of recommended shops.

America is a large place and, thankfully, filled with many, many decent to excellent tobacco houses and bars. The only way to really cover them all would be with a Fordor’s-style travel guide. That would take a while to put together though I am open to the idea. If I solicit you as part of a crowd-funding effort, please contribute. Hmmm… I might have to do a volume about shops in Europe too…

Anyway, for now, here are some generic ideas for picking the right shop. For starters, let’s examine some of the…

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