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I am beginning to tire of writing about one terrorist attack after another. But this is more than terrorism. This is a war. The terror is only the adopted tactic of our enemies. And right now, they are winning. We’re not just letting them do it, we’re helping them.

No one person on Earth bears more responsibility as an accomplice to this destruction than Angela Merkel. As Vox Day rightly said this afternoon, she is the most destructive German Chancellor since Adolf Hitler.


Even as her people were crushed to death under a truck last night, she was at a ceremony to honor those who would do the crushing. At least Hitler said everything he did was for the German people. Merkel says little. And everything she does is aimed at destroying Germany.

The woman wants another term?! She needs to be voted on up to the gallows. All of last night’s blood is on her filthy, Satanic hands.

The best coverage I’ve found about the Berlin Christmas attack is from the Daily Mail.

  • Where is the Berlin Christmas market killer? German police FREE Pakistani suspect after admitting he is wrong man – as ISIS praise ‘soldier’ who killed 12
  • Security sources have no clue where the armed real killer is after questioning wrong man for 12 hours
  • Senior police chief said: ‘We have wrong man. Perpetrator is armed, at large and can cause further damage’
  • Arrested Pakistani asylum seeker Naved B, 23, entered country under false name and has criminal record
  • Tonight German prosecutors said the suspect had been released because of insufficient evidence
  • Asylum seeker was living inside hangar for immigrants at a Berlin airport since raided by commandos at 4am
  • Tonight the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed 12 and injured at least 48
  • Three of the dead have not yet been identified but six victims have been confirmed as German citizens
  • Driver steered at crowds – including children – along 80 metre stretch of pavement packed with stalls
  • Polish-registered lorry understood ‘stolen by hijacker’, who shot driver Lukasz Urban in head in hijacking
  • Angela Merkel says Germany is in ‘mourning’ – but terror attack could be hammer blow to 2017 election hopes

A literal hammer blow to her head might not be a bad thing, as long as it’s hard enough.

The Pakistani “refugee” arrested earlier has been released as police could not find evidence connecting him to the attack. I understand that operations are currently underway in and around Berlin to hunt down those responsible. One raid was conducted early this morning.

This was the worst but not the only Islamic warfare against Christmas in Europe. I’ve seen videos of Muslim invaders smashing Nativity scenes when no-one was around except security cameras. They torn down the Christmas tree at a mall. One interrupted a Nativity play and began “preaching” from the Koran. And ISIS loudly broadcast they would do these things; Western intelligence was already tracking numerous credible threats.

Can you imagine if anything similar happened to Muslims during Ramadan? After Trump’s election 1,000 horror stories circulated around Farcebook about white bigots attacking Muslims and others. 1,000 of these stories turned out to be hoaxes. Can you imagine if it really happened? Even once? The anti-West would crash the internet with their hysterics. By the way? Where are the German flag overlays? Oh, right. It’s bowl season and the holidays and most people still don’t give a damn. They’d better.

Time and again I have said the West must stop interfering with Muslim countries. Leave them to do whatever they do – there. These hellish, third world invaders must be removed from Christendom. Immediately. Paris, Berlin, Munich, Brussels, London, New York, Orlando, etc., etc., etc.: how much does it take?

And removed sooner or later they will be. It can be done now with relative calm and ease. Or it can be done a little later with extreme violence. Remember, we’re in a war now, like it or not. We’re just not fighting. The other side is.

However it happens, once they are gone, we must then deal with those traitors who assisted in the invasion, orchestrating and funding it even. We can actually start that process now by getting rid of treasonous politicians. Let it begin with Herr Merkel.