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Let’s hope it’s the last. And it’s probably bound to fail anyway. Still, even as he departed for Hawaii, Obama started his push to ratify the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty through the Senate.

We weren’t going to cover this because, frankly, it seemed like just a desperate last salvo from a failed, departing President. But in the days since it was announced, there have been uncomfortable rumblings about some GOP Members of Congress caving in…

President Obama just formally delivered the UN Arms Trade Treaty to the United States Senate for ratification and he is demanding that Congress approve it.

As you know, the UN Arms Trade Treaty would implement global firearm import/export restrictions and force member states to create gun owner registries.

This has always been the goal of the modern gun control movement in America. Final gun control – disarmament – cannot happen without a detailed registry of who owns which firearms.

The gun control advocates are now just one Senate vote away from realizing this disarmament dream…

The White House is already trying to spin this. They are calling it “common sense” gun control. They are begging that a handful of Liberal Republicans break with their party and vote to create a nationwide gun registry.

In the Western World, there has never been a gun registry that wasn’t followed by confiscations.

Registration, confiscation, then you’re down to beating off attackers with your shoe. But they want to make even that a criminal act. Like in France.


These murder numbers are a tad low. News Pipeline.

Tomorrow is the real U.S. Presidential election, by the way.