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Wow. Since November I’ve noticed a radical upswing in leftists praising the Constitution, along with the idea of State’s Rights, and even secession. I wonder what precipitated that?

These are the very same people who until very recently laughed off the Old Parchment as an arcane novelty. Republicans are and were fond of ignoring it, but Democrats outright cackled and howled whenever the Constitution was mentioned. No more.

Democrats, some of them, now want a Constitutional  Convention:

On Tuesday, disgruntled Democrats held a forum to discuss the possibility of replacing the Electoral College.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) conceded that Democrats could not get rid of the Electoral College due to the way the United States Constitution is written.

“I don’t think we can sustain our American democracy by having the majority ruled by the minority. And so the question is how to fix this since the Constitution is written in such a way that it’s almost impossible to amend,” Lofgren said.

Lofgren went on to say she is open to a Constitutional Convention, “We are three states away from calling for a Constitutional Convention. It’s something I’ve always been opposed to, …. But I’ll say because, for the second time in sixteen years, people the American voters elected did not become president. Rational people, not the fringe, are now talking about whether states could be separated from the U.S., whether we should have a Constitutional Convention. And I think as time goes on that is apt to become more the case unless we here can figure an answer to preventing the majority from being ruled by the minority.

It’s serious now. Before, before last month, only the crazies talked about the Constitution with straight faces. Now the “rational people”, meaning the all-knowing liberals, are on board. Amazing.

And I’m sure they wouldn’t stop merely with instituting direct democracy if given their way. They would surely bid the Second Amendment farewell while welcoming a host of hardened welfare “rights” – a national “living wage”, mandatory abortion, a 110% income tax (maybe higher?), etc. Fun, fun, fun.

Many of my libertarian and conservative friends have called for a Con Con over the past few years. Of this I have always been a little leery. The Founding Fathers are long since gone and their kind are really not to be found these days.

In fact, there’s really no telling who would show up for such a meeting nor what they might do. Imagine Ron Paul in an auditorium squared off against 300 angry blue-haired SJWs and some BLM thugs. That might be a best case scenario. Otherwise, just imagine the foregoing, minus Ron Paul.

If a Convention of the States were convened, the very best thing that could come out of it would be to deep six the Union – entirely and with no other matters addressed. Second best would be reversion to the Articles of Confederation. Neither are possible today and never will be again (via Convention or systemic legalities).

Fortunately for real Americans, the plans of Herr Lofgren and the blue hair brigade won’t happen either.


A.F. Branco.

Instead we will continue to see a new variation or two of more of the same. If Trump can actually make good on his stated goal to MAGA, to reverse some – even just a little – of the decline, then things will improve dramatically.

If not, there is still great hope. In an anti-MAGA scenario, more of the same won’t go on for much longer. The same has pretty much run its course. That will mean likely Balkanization. Perhaps it will just happen. Or it could go through the 1861 route if necessary. People outside of D.C. and New York have been gearing up for the latter for a while now. Then after the dust settles, all those new little states can, if they like, form a new federation of sorts. Or not.

However it works out, I’m betting Lofgren and the Rationals won’t ever be happy. Happiness, like freedom, is simply not in their nature. That is unless they can successfully navigate California out of the U.S.

Towards that end, and regardless of whatever else might happen, I wish them all the best. And I encourage them to think big! Make sure to load CA up with ALL of the liberals, criminals, communists, “refugees”, and illegals that can be found before disembarking. And then, why not navigate it clean off the planet?