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James’s excellent article of the day is about combined what you love for a happier life. So, that is just what I did with this post.

James came up with The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Doing What You Love. It’s worth a read.

DO THIS: (I still do it)

– LIST EVERYTHING you were passionate about from ages 7–20. These aren’t your “true passions”.

That’s a made up phrase. These were simply the things you loved doing as a kid.

– COMBINE THEM. If you loved computers and movies, maybe you will write stories for virtual reality experiences.

If you loved art and being a reporter, call up all of your favorite artists and do a podcast.

There is no one true passion. There are just these basic guidelines:

Look to your past to discover your future.
You will do MANY things in your life. There is no “one” thing.
Combine combine combine.

I love easy filler links and Christmas ties. Thank you, James. Now, here’s my Garfield Special:


It’s one of my oldest if not the oldest (following the loss of my “old” ties some years back).

Hope you enjoyed it. Night!