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Just last week I told you about Citi’s criminal plans to prohibit cash. It’s part of the greater scheme to steal your wealth in addition to a great inconvenience.

Now, this week, news comes that Citigroup is the riskiest bank in America.

A global financial regulator declared three of America’s largest banks sources of higher risk to the world’s financial system compared to last year, requiring them to hold more capital as a sort of insurance against failure and the resulting ripple effects across the global economy. The announcement on Monday came less than two weeks after banking industry deregulation-friendly candidate Donald Trump won the presidential election.

The Basel, Switzerland-based Financial Stability Board (FSB) will, starting in January 2018, require Citigroup Inc. to have a 2.5 percent capital buffer—the second-highest risk bracket—compared to last year’s 2 percent requirement, and Bank of America Corp. needs to keep 2 percent of its capital available, above last year’s 1.5 percent. Morgan Stanley, however, was moved to the lowest risk bracket, with a capital buffer of just 1 percent, down from 1.5 percent last year.

This move is intended to shore up banking reserves and protect the public from future bailouts. Rest assured however that if the time comes, your taxes will be made readily available to the banksters.

At least the warning is out. The entire banking industry is in roughly the same shape it was in back in 2008. As to Citi’s perdicament, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bank.

Now, here’s a better, happier story:

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