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Crawling is taking off (slowly) as the new fitness craze. I can see this being big with trend-conscious soccer moms, tired of yoga. It seems a bit regressive and un-intense – literally crawling the floor like a toddler or an animal – for me. But, hey, if it works and you like it, do it.

I’m likely to stick with weights, boxing, and cigars. Others will surely run or walk on. For those looking for something new, crawl away. Whatever it is, do something. Anything. With 70% of the population overweight, obese, grossly obese, or about to expire obese, any little helps.

The 1,102 reasons? Where’d I get that number? That’s the weight of the world’s fattest man – 1,102 pounds. He’s Juan Pedro, a 32 year-old man from Mexico (which is almost as obese as America). Fortunately for him, he’s about to undergo some serious, life-saving treatment:

“He is probably only still alive due to his youth,” added the doctor who estimates that Mr Pedro will need at least six months of treatment to stabilise his body before gastric bypass surgery can be undertaken.

“It’s impossible for the human body to cope with the pathologies Juan Pedro suffers from over a prolonged period, but I think we are just in time,” Dr Castañeda said.

“This is no life; the worst sentence you can give a human being is to make a prison of his own body,” said Mr Pedro.

I say, good for Juan. I wish him nothing but the best. From the story it sounds like he suffers from serious medical issues. I really hope they are just in time to help him regain his life.

Most people, even the American obesity brigade, are not in that kind of bad shape. There is, however, room and need for improvement. If that means crawling, then so be it. Get yer crawl on!

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