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The great election of 2016 is barely past and tensions run high across America. All in all it seems to be going pretty well.

Today tensions also ran high in Ukraine. A “radical” party member caught it hot from a member of the opposition, being punched in the face. His detractors accuse him of working for or with Putin. We saw similar accusations a week or two ago in America without the fisticuffs.


Zing! Pow! RT / YouTube.

Watching this exchange jarred my memory. There was a time when Congress was a little more interesting. We even had a cane fight once in 1856.

Charles Sumner of Mass. was lambasting something about Kansas. In doing so he insulted a House member from South Carolina. This offended another South Carolinian, Preston Brooks. Brooks then assaulted Sumner, breaking his cane over his opponent’s head. He then had to be restrained and drug off.

The House fined Sumner $300 for this offense. Sumner returned a week or so later, okay if a little quieter.

Uncivilized? Yes. But it is all more than a little manly. And it’s a bit refreshing to see men still willing to fight for what they believe in. If we’re going to pay these clowns, we might as well get a little entertainment out of them. CSPAN could run a pay-per-view MMA show in the evenings.

I wouldn’t necessarily watch it but I’d support it. Heck, I already pay the taxes.