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Following the encouraging success of BREXIT, pro-European parties are poised to make enormous gains if not take control in upcoming elections. Imagine that, pro-European Europeans.

As Europeans assess the fallout from the U.K.’s Brexit referendum, they face a series of elections that could equally shake the political establishment. In the coming 12 months, four of Europe’s five largest economies have votes that will almost certainly mean serious gains for right-wing populists and nationalists. Once seen as fringe groups, France’s National Front, Italy’s Five Star Movement, and the Freedom Party in the Netherlands have attracted legions of followers by tapping discontent over immigration, terrorism, and feeble economic performance. “The Netherlands should again become a country of and for the Dutch people,” says Evert Davelaar, a Freedom Party backer who says immigrants don’t share “Western and Christian values.”

Even Europe’s most powerful politician, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is under assault. The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has drained support from Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democrats in recent state and local elections, capitalizing on discontent over Germany’s refugee crisis. In Austria the far-right Freedom Party has a shot at winning the presidency in balloting set for Dec. 4, after an election in May that the Freedom Party narrowly lost was annulled because of irregularities in vote counting. The populists are deeply skeptical of European integration, and those in France and the Netherlands want to follow Britain’s lead and quit the European Union. “Political risk in Europe is now far more significant than in the United States,” says Ajay Rajadhyaksha, head of macro research at Barclays.

It’s worse in Europe than in America, that’s the significant risk. The solutions will be significant too. And it’s coming, hopefully sooner than later. Peaceful repatriation of the invaders would be best. Historically though people tend towards more extreme measures – understandable given the extreme dangers they face now in this case. Tours 2.0 may be in the cards, appropriate or not.

It’s time for these people to go:


Muslim lowlife says, “white girls … are just sl*gs.” Daily Mail (UK).

Either back where they belong or to hell, it doesn’t matter. In prouder times, this gang of savages would currently be displayed, in pieces, all around London.

After the invaders are expelled or destroyed the great nations must turn their attentions to those within their own ranks who facilitated the invasion. No repatriation option for them leaves the gallows.

It’ll probably have to get a little worse in America before the good news spreads here. It will eventually.