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I am really getting tired of this election. This political theater. In fact, I’m getting tired of American politics, period.

The problem with practical politics is similar to that of higher education (in America) – it has nothing substantive to offer to the honest citizen.

That show and spectacle from Las Vegas last night was pitiful. There are so many deadly serious issues out there. Hillary and Donald are aware of them and they dance around them. Talking points only. It’s all an effort to be seen – not to do anything productive.

Imagine a book, let’s say A Brief History of Time. There are some heavy ideas in that little book. Now, drop it into a goldfish tank. The fish will swim around it, shimmering as they twist and turn. The fish are in close proximity to the heavy ideas but attention is only drawn to their shiny movement. And their movement is their only concern. It’s a show about nothing.

By the way, this was only an example. I in no way wish to demean goldfish by comparing them to politicians. The fish have value and real purpose, however slight.

Wikileaks came up last night. Hillary again said it’s the Russians. She said U.S. Intel says it’s the Russians. It is not the Russians. Regardless, Drudge and the Alt-Media made hay last night of another Podesta email from Wiki. They claim the Dems want illegals to vote. They do. Remember, I spent years in the system; I know these people. They want illegals, felons, pets, the dead, and the fictitious to vote – for their guys and gals. They wanted this 20 years ago – nothing new.

But the particular email cited only concerns illegals by implication. Its subject is ease of voter registration primarily for citizens. One could argue that some of the ideas tossed around in the chain could lead to illegal non-citizen voting. However, what they were concerned with is the 50 million American citizens who are not registered to vote.

One of the participants pointed out that it really isn’t that good of an issue. 50 million are not registered; 180 million are. If 78% of people can figure it out, what’s the problem?

My take is that, like college dropouts, the unregistered may exist because the system isn’t worth participating in. Sure, some want to vote but miss deadlines, etc. But these numbers are not static – they cross multiple elections and years. If one misses the last election, one would make sure to register in time for the next. If it were really important. It’s not. Enter the goldfish and the book.


Daily Dot.

Anyway, it will be nice when December (not November) comes and goes and takes this clown show with it. Then we can move on to the next war, the next recession, the next issue in the book the goldfish can’t read.