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It was like watching two demented doctors argue over treatment for a corpse then realizing they’re really arguing over grave robbing.

Absolutely amazing but the debate really went something like this:


Some takeaways:

  • Like George Carlin said, this really is the best we can do.
  • Each “side” thought their clown won, if only barely.
  • I was a little surprised Hillary didn’t cough, faint or zone out.
  • Why was Trump sniffing between jibbers early on?
  • Both are smart people. They’re only acting stupid.
  • That was the worst debate I have seen.
  • No disrespect to Lester but why even bother with a moderator.
  • For all the “action” it felt scripted.
  • Beyond typical: Democrat clown: “tax and spend”; Republican clown: “law and order.”
  • Neither has any concept of freedom.
  • They both want your guns.
  • I’m glad I do not vote.
  • I’m glad I do not watch idiot-vision.
  • The Republic is dead and has been for some time. When the resuscitation efforts grow tiresome, let me know. I have a death certificate. Would you like an autopsy?
  • The Empire, unacknowledged by most, is on life support, which is acknowledged even less.
  • I need to work on those fall getaway ideas.