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Today I hit my low target weight – 175 lbs. That means I’m 80 pounds lighter than I was eight or nine years ago. I’ve been under 200 for almost four years now straight and uninterrupted. This is the second least I’ve weighed in that time period; two years ago I was about 2 pounds thinner than now.

I got here by cheating a little. My exercising has been a little erratic lately; I suppose it mirrors my mentality. I don’t eat much in the summer anyway and lately I have cut way back to compensate for the sluggish gym routine. To be blunt I feel weak, at least when working out.

This I mentioned is my low target weight. I got here by losing some excess fat. In aeronautical terms I’m at the low-end of my cruising speed range. About 192 is maximum speed and 199 is my “do not exceed” speed. Some of you get that.

Now I intend to embark on a strict power program. I’m still making some calculations. The diet and the motivation are the tricky things. That and not getting hurt (too badly). Today was a wimpy leg day followed by a decent secession in the ring (mostly hand work). Tomorrow I’m going to hit legs again kind of hard.

I may throw out some stats from time to time. Like today’s:

Weight: 175, you got that;

Waist: 32 inches (in the a.m.);

Chest: 40-something;

Biceps: ? but kind of small;

Legs: ?? and weak.

…this is kind of discouraging…

Bench: ? but at least 365 (still got that);

Squats: ???we will find out tomorrow;

Deadlift: weak, weak, weak….

Punching: fastish, still powerful, and rather accurate;

Kicks: needs work but can still hit face level;

Hip-throw/body slam: at last check I could still slam my body weight but I hurt the heck out of my shoulder….

Mile run: I can do it…

**Note: I’m over 40 so I reserve the right to substitute: Hammer Strength bench for flat bench;¬†Hammer Strength deadlift rack for bar, and; leg press for the squat rack. I will do this at will and without further announcement. If you don’t like that, buy some books and then F off.

I hope a few of you find this inspirational. The rest of you may find it mildly entertaining.

Oops. It’s 8:30; old man must go to bed now…

Here’s a picture of some weights: