It’s a rainy night in the Morgul Vale and I’m feeling sort of sappy – had that nostalgic feeling all week. Anyway, here’s a YouTube 80s playlist for your perusal. No particular order or theme. Enjoy the Geico ads.


1.21 Gigawatts. guerillawire.

  1. Eddie Money, I Wanna Go Back. 1986. Perfect kickoff song; Can’t beat the money man.
  2. The Romantics, One In A Million. 1983. You know who she is.
  3. Genesis, Turn It On Again. 1980. I need a radio show.
  4. Randy Newman, It’s Money That Matters. 1988. Yeah, Knopfler on guitar.
  5. Ramones, Pet Sematary. 1989. Understand every third word.
  6. Wall of Voodoo, Mexican Radio. 1982. Barbecued iguana.
  7. Dead Kennedy’s, Holiday in Cambodia. 1978 (close enough). Pol Pot!
  8. Social Distortion, Ball and Chain. 1990 (ditto). Been there, done that.
  9. Smithereen’s, Behind the Wall of Sleep. 1986. Think I’ve seen her.
  10. Joan Jett, Bad Reputation. 1981. Need a girl on the list? Needs to be Joan Jett.

Bonus (70s): Steely Dan, Midnight Cruiser. 1972.

Double Bonus (neither 80s nor pop/rock):  Marty Robbins, Running Gun. 1959.

Super Bonus: Dvorak, Symphony No. 9. 1893. Classical with a twerkin’ twist.

That’s it. No politicians were harmed in this post (Kennedy’s don’t count – already dead)…