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Another ordinary day in the new Europe and another islamic terror attack. This mohammedan approached two female police officers outside police headquarters in Charleroi, Belgium. One woman suffered deep cuts to her face and the other received superficial wounds. A third female officer shot the POS dead. You. Go. Girl. Women and guns may be our answer to the Caliphate.

A crazed man hacked at a policewoman’s face with a machete and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before turning on another officer just seconds before a third cop shot him dead in a suspected terror attack.

The machete-wielding terror suspect launched his terrifying attack in Charleroi this afternoon after walking up to the Belgian city’s main police station just before 4pm.

He wandered up the policewomen at a checkpoint at the entrance of to station and immediately pulled out the huge blade.

Screaming “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest), the twisted attacker then flung the machete into the face of one of the female officers with huge force.

He wasn’t crazed. He was just a savage invader. The crazy ones are the politicians who import this trash and their supporters who approve and tolerate it. The police need to seriously consider shooting down those groups too.


After the attack, a policeman contemplates the blessings of multicultural society. Mirror, UK.

Otherwise the national bird of Belgium (and France and Germany, etc.) will become the “crazed” jihadist. The national motto will be “Allah Akbar”.

It’s way past time to wake up.



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