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More bad news for the control freak elites and statists: women are fastest growing segment of firearms owners.

(CBSNews) You might call it girl power. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, women are the fastest-growing group of gun owners in the U.S.

Typically their weapon of choice is a semi-automatic handgun — lightweight, accurate, and so simple that practically anyone can learn to use it.

In states that allow it, a handgun has for some become the must-have accessory.

Pamela Riden told correspondent Tracy Smith she carries a gun for personal protection: “Makes me feel secure.”

“I’ve got two kids,” said Colleen Krehbiel. “And I just wanted to have something that would keep me safer.” She wears her weapon in a holster on her hip.

“I just feel safer having it with me,” said Laura Bowman, who carries her weapon in the front pocket of her purse.

Amy McCrabb has a gun that’s pink. (“It is pink, I’m a girl!” she laughed.)

You go, girls. That’s safety we can believe in – internal or external.

They even have gun camps for kids now – independent of the Scouts or dads on weekends. Everyone is arming. It’s a great thing. It’s harder to disarm everyone. Control that.