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I’ve written in the past few months, briefly, about the FDA’s new authority over and campaign against the cigar industry. I was planning a larger, comprehensive story on the new regulations and the potentially devastating impact they will likely have. Christopher Westley, writing at mises.org, has done a lot of the heavy lifting for me – and you.

Check out his The FDA’s Cigar Fascism, July 26, 2016.

The FDA estimates that small businesses like El Titan, which produces 250,000 to 300,000 cigars per year, will pay $278,000 to $397,000 in application fees and other costs during the initial compliance period. While El Titan will be able to pass some of those fees on to the companies that hire it to make private-label smokes, it will still need to raise prices.

The new rules will have the greatest impact on companies less than a decade old, which will be required to apply for pre-market approval at an average cost of $6,560 per application, according to FDA estimates.

Westley, quoting a Miami Herald story.

These are extraordinarily high prices to pay – for nothing. The FDA asserts it has a duty to protect public health. So, cigars will now be subject to the same rigorous but useless testings and waiting periods that, as-is, keep new drugs away from needy patients, often until after the patient dies. Some doctors estimate the FDA process kills more people than it helps. Smoke on that.


As good as his article is, it doesn’t even begin to cover some of the other nonsense regulations which will start taking effect soon (like next week soon). I will probably still someday add my own spin on the subject. I may wait to see how it actually plays out in CigarLand on a daily basis. Higher prices and aggravation are assuredly in store for all.

Westley does call it what it is, perfectly – fascism.