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I see a lot of folks out there playing Pokemon Go. In their cars. At the gym. In the store. My fireman buddy reports they come to the station day and night looking for those elusive … whatever they ares. They’ve overrun the park where I jog and hike. Today when I ventured out it was about 100 Degrees so there weren’t that many to run around. Actually, at 100 my “run” was more of a stooping, sweating, grumbling, weary stumble (but I did it!). Anyway, it almost looks like they’re having fun with it all. Good for them. Did you know the Pokemon can hibernate? Or, was that incubate? Whatever.

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Constitutimon!? bc.ctvnews.ca.

I’ve come up with a short list of things that could be included, scavenger-style, in the next update for the game. Wouldn’t it be fun to go around beating the digital bushes to find:

An honest politician?

A useful government program?

Or a Constitutional government program?

A government program that wasn’t bankrupting us?

Local lone wolf terrorists? (Think of the fun they’d have collecting their gold coins or stars(??) and fighting of the Caliphate!)

A plausible explanation for how WTC 7 collapsed without the aid of explosives?

A way to quantitatively ease the Federal Reserve out of existence?

How about helping O.J. find the real killer(s)?

Jobs for all these protesters who spring up everywhere?

Obama’s birth certificate? (I know 4G ain’t the best in some parts of Kenya…)

Any “real” Georgia fans who followed Mark Richt down to Miami?

An end to the federal regulatory code?

Gun free zones which are also crime free?

The lost city of Detroit?

The computer that comes up with all these awful television and movie plots?

Zamfir? (Remember him? Master of the pan flu … no.)

Snipes! (Who didn’t love a snipe hunt?)

Paul Ryan’s spine?

The Smurf village.

A feasible way to excise D.C. from North America?

Men who have read 50 Shades of Grey? (A real challenge.)

Green space chickens?

All the other Pokemon-ers who have fallen off cliffs or into wells or down holes.

With all those folks out there looking for something, I figure they might want to try finding something other than cartoon characters. Trivial enough? Probably not.