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Today, along my travels, I caught bits and pieces of what happened last night at the GOP Convention and Sideshow. Thankfully, I was able to ignore most of it. Something about Michelle Obama’s “the children are our future” speech? Blah.

Tonight I walked by a TV and heard 10 to 12 words from one Paul Ryan. He was saying something about Trump’s new job as President. Ryan needs to focus on keeping his job – looks doubtful right now (which would not be a bad thing for us). I walked back by and Chris Christie was blocking out the whole screen. Old Bridge Tolls was condemning Hillary “Classified Emails” Clinton. Pot, kettle.

I didn’t want to wait for any of the false promises and rah-rah. So I came here to blog-land.

How many times can people be duped? How many times can they cry wolf? Or “conservative”? Not much to conserve now, is there?

I ain’t buying any of it. Come next year and in the years that follow, some of you are in for a rude awakening. Then, sooner or later, you’ll again fall for more lies. I’ll be smoking a cigar, maybe fishing.