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The day after another terror attack in Nice, news of a cover-up from a prior attack. The French government let slip horrifying details about the Bataclan Massacre. The acts committed were truly barbaric. Why not disclose them so the people can see what they face? Do they want this to be the new normal?

Another newsworthy release – but still heavily redacted – the missing 28 pages from the 9/11 report came out. Saudi involvement, to some degree, is pretty obvious. What struck me as extreme was the extensive, nationwide network that existed before 2001 and how much the government seemed to know or suspect (and did nothing about).

And, another military coup in Turkey. This one may not be going so well. The Turkish military has a history of intervention dating to 1960; they are secularists who may be concerned about the Islamist leanings of the Erdogan regime. They may also be tired of fighting a border war with ISIS while simultaneously having to mop up after terror attacks within the borders. If they succeed, which is doubtful, hopefully they will route out the extremists. If they fail, hopefully there will be reforms and a routing. In any event, hopefully this ends as peaceably as possible.

Lastly, while out on my evening jog I saw them. I saw the Pokemon zombies. Actually it looked like they were having fun. Good for them.