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In honor of the June jihad, Hussein Obama admitted more than twice as many “refugees”to America in June as he did in May – 2,381 from Syria alone. Of that number, only eight were Christians – all the rest were Muslims with the exception of one who did not state a religion. That means the percentage of Christian refugees incoming in June was about .3%.

Something doesn’t add up. Assuming all these people are hapless, innocent victims of Washington’s proxy war in Syria, why wouldn’t there be a more even distribution of religions represented? Syria, according to Wikipedia, is nearly 8% Christian. That means 190 of the 2,381 should have been Christian – 8 percent not 8 numerically. Could it be someone doesn’t want Christians in a Christian country? Could it be ethnomasochism at work?

Now, let’s assume not all of these people are victims looking for help. 2,381 is a big enough number and we know the ranks are already skewed. What if some are coming to get revenge (and welfare) against America for its interventions in the Middle East? Or, just to commit crimes – like raping little girls in apartment complex laundry rooms.

These questions are on the minds of people in Rutland, Vermont, where residents are not so sure they want 100 of the new “refugees” in their town.

“To bring in 100 Syrians refugees is absolute lunacy,” [Dr. Timothy] Cook said. “They could be 100 people from Quebec and we’d still have to make accommodations for them, and it would fall to Rutland city taxpayers.”

“We’re not able to do it, and we’re not open to it,” said Cook, who helped found the opposition group Rutland First and says residents, not the mayor, should decide whether the Syrians come to town.

Rutland is small town America – about 16,000 residents. The new push is to settle “refugees” in smaller towns and cities, as the big cities have already become breeding grounds for crime and terrorism.

It’s the new Amerika. Better put some cameras in the laundry rooms.