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ISIS, as part of the June jihad, published (somewhere) a list of some 8,000 ordinary people – mostly Americans – the terror non-group wants dead. As the Wall Street Journal and Snopes pointed out, the list appears to be a random collection of names easily obtained on-line. The disturbing thing is that along with the names ISIS included addresses and other contact information. Actually, being on such a list, even if it is random, is a pretty disturbing thought.

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Also disturbing is the apparent failure of the FBI to notify many Americans of their inclusion on the list. According to a Circa news story, many people didn’t know they were potential targets until the Circa reporter informed them.

The current list brings the number of Americans, by name, ISIS would like to see murdered to around 15,000. ISIS is not a state; it’s barely a group. But it has a wide reach via the large network of lone wolf terrorists and terror cells conveniently located throughout the West. The name Omar Mateen comes to mind.

The odds of being a terror victim are relatively low but the threat exists. In the past few years we’ve seen attacks at nightclubs, theaters, races, offices, political events, restaraunts, newspaper offices, and many other locations. Regardless of the odds, it would be nice to think law enforcement would notify people specifically called out (even if randomly). They don’t hesitate to notify people who they claim owe taxes. The government’s priorities may be out of whack. Are yours?