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What could possibly be scarier than ISIS and gun control? I saw two stories this morning that may answer the question. Facebook seriously wants to go all video and with the videos beamed telepathically from brain to brain.

I’m out on that, thanks. First, I’m a writer. I like books. I need people to purchase books. Second, I shun the Matrix for personal reasons. The Sun story covers the Matrix/Borg fear angle with a great explanation:

Many of us might think there’s something nightmarish about a world where we’re all plugged into the matrix.

But the billionaire [Zuck] has made his money from persuading huge numbers of people to drop their privacy shields and share every tiny aspect of their lives with friends, strangers and advertisers on Facebook.

In truth many are already plugged in but inefficiently. I assume half the population or more will welcome the changes when the time comes. Y’all have fun with that.


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