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A theory no more: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” – H.L. Mencken. This is now Mencken’s LAW of Democracy.

Austria sits geographically and politically near the center of Europe. Like other Western nations the Republik Österreich is awash in third world invasion, degeneracy, and political/cultural chaos. The Austrian people had a chance to reverse course and apparently decided to stay it instead. Pro-Austrian and anti-terrorism/invasion Presidential candidate Norbert Hofer lost very narrowly to a typical liberal bed-wetter. Given the way he lost I suspect ballot fraud. Nonetheless, the people have, democratically, spoken – stupidly.

Austrians chose to elect a man who says, “Anyone who loves Austria must be shit”.  They chose that over a man who would defend them and their culture. And, unlike Americans, they had real choices. Getting it good and hard.

Americans too are suffering the simultaneous dismantling of their culture and rampant immigration/invasion. The dots on the map below represent immigrants flooding the U.S.; imagine instead they are inbound cruise missiles.



Criminal invasion in America is surging. The invaders seek welfare and terror targets. They try to run people over with automobiles. They bring tuberculosis. This, coupled with a crumbling economy, a corrupt government, trans-whatever insanity, bad music and open witchcraft, makes for a different country than some of us remember.

Norbert will be back in Austria; he and his peers will sweep Europe. It will take but a little time. Hopefully time will cure the U.S. too. Otherwise we will continue to get it good and hard.