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The other day I turned on Midday Music in my car. It was lunchtime. I enjoyed several “lost” pieces by Schubert as edited Brahms in 1868. The experience was so pleasant I actually zoned out. When I came to the news was on … some administration hack was jibbering about the rights of trans-vegetable students or something. Something about bathrooms and showers. I drifted for a second. Around again, the radio informed me of some other national nonsense.

That was the last straw; I killed the radio and sat for a second trying to remember where I was. I looked around. It was a supermarket parking lot. A grossly obese woman sporting a pink shower cap waddled towards the front door. A lanky young man stumbled by zombie-style. America! The twenty-first century!

Later I intrepidly returned to the Midday. The music was back on but by then my disbelief was completely intact and un-suspendable.

I’m sure you have had similar predicaments.