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Here follows a brief political discussion I had once with old Jethro.

Jethro: “If you ain’t got nothing to hide, you ain’t got nothing to worry about.”

Me: “So the government is constantly worried?”

Jethro: “Huh?”

Jethro: “We need to get back to tha Constitution.”

Me: “Why?”

Jehtro: “Cause the liberals done got the government out of control.”

Me: “You want to go back to the thing that created the very out of control government you’re complaining about?”

Jethro: “Huh?”

Jethro: “We gotta have a government.”

Me: “No. We don’t. Maybe you gotta have one.”

Jethro: “Huh?”

They never found Jethro’s body…

Jethro was spared further lamentation about the Constitution and the liberals and all. I sometimes miss him. At least he cared in a strange way about the state of things. Most folks don’t have the slightest idea what is going on around them. If, by strange chance, they happen to learn something, they immediately self-lobotomize with dope, booze, or the demon television.

Will Grigg knows what’s happening and he tries to affect changes by chronicling the endless fraud and evil of the state. He’s one of the best bloggers and investigative reporters of the day. His column de jureTake the Fifth — And Face Life Imprisonment Without a Trial, highlights the death of the Fifth Amendment. He also briefly reviews the death of the Brady Motion. Death of the Sixth Amendment, that is. And the death of the impartial and honest judiciary. And of law enforcement. The law itself. Actually, the story is an expose of the complete loss of everything within and without the Constitution not related to unlimited government power.

Last August 27, after Rawls refused to comply with Rueter’s facially unconstitutional order, the judge found him in civil contempt and ordered him to be taken into custody by federal marshals and imprisoned until he repudiates his right against self-incrimination. A motion filed by his defense attorney received a judicial reply citing a smirking, sucks-to-be-him statement from a 1994 Supreme Court ruling that someone facing the prospect of life imprisonment, without trial, for civil contempt “carries the keys of his prison in his own pocket.”

Rawls, in other words, can unlock his own prison only if he hands over his encryption key to the State – which will inevitably find some reason to send him back to prison.

Those rights, as set forth in the old parchment, are in practice and reality only privileges the government can take away on a whim. The Constitution, the liberals, and all. ISIS. Budweiser. ‘Merica.

This kind of thing happens day in, day out and has happened for years out of mind. It will go on for at least a little while longer. It’s not hidden away. The depredations of the state are always on display at all times for all to see. And still! Still the people support “their” candidates for this and that office with the glee normally associated with a favorite sports team or a rock star.

Yep. Notbeinggoverned.com.

News flash! The Donald will not fix these problems. Hillary will not fix them. Crazy Uncle Bernie won’t do it either. Support the system if you want to. Just remember that doing so means you use your key to lock yourself in their prison.

Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis! Or television … your choice.