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In a free society people closely watch their government. In an unfree society the government closely watches the people. In a smart society people watch what is happening around them. In a dumb society people watch television. If you just stepped out of a time machine or a spaceship, welcome to America. Things are just fine.

Puerto Rico is not about to default on its debt payments, but is defaulting (has [past tense] defaulted) on them. All things being equal this would not concern me much. What got my attention in the Wall Street Journal’s article last night was the smug arrogance of the Empire’s chief henchman, Jack Lew. He’s the creep who is kicking Old Hickory off the Twenty. Well, he’s been chosen to make that suggestion to the Fed puppet-masters.

In a letter to Congress, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew warned on Monday that a U.S. “taxpayer-funded bailout may become the only legislative course available” if the proposed restructuring legislation isn’t approved.

The island’s debt is held by mutual funds, hedge funds, bond insurers and individual investors, who were attracted in part by tax benefits and high yields. The default Monday casts serious doubt on the commonwealth’s ability to make other future payments, which “means that other defaults are very likely on other Puerto Rico credits,” said Paul Mansour…

-WSJ, May 2, 2016.

Well, of course. Let one government and its supporters screw up and the other government and all its supporters (willing or no) will foot the bill. Its the only course available.  Letting nature take its course is not an option – that would be bad for the hedge funds, banks, and insurance companies. They pay a lot of money for their (their, like the own it and it belongs to them) government. They have to get their money’s worth. The bulk of the people remain blissfully unaware. (For giggles, grab a map or globe and ask random passers-by to find Puerto Rico!).

The sheep are also unaware of the wolves’ plan to tax their vehicle travel by the mile (in addition to the other taxes). This scheme is marching along (openly and loudly) and will serve two purposes. One, it will provide more money for bailing out hedge funds, banks, and insurance companies. Two, it will allow 24/7 tracking of your movements.

If the people become aware, then they will surely approve of this measure. Tracking means safety which is far superior to freedom. Freedom might, just might, interfere with the watching of basketball, baseball, racing, listening to drug addict, tattoo country pop, attending to the slave overseer selection (election) madness, french fry eating, and so forth.