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The internet has been abuzz lately with Ben Affleck’s transformation into the Dark Knight. There was similar commotion over Christian Bale, with various health sites promoting “Batman” weight training and diets. Most of these were pretty good if a little rigorous. I have discovered a very simple way to train like the Caped Crusader – just by hanging out – literally.

Remember the scene when Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne (1989) was hanging upside down in his bedroom?


Like this. Warner Bros.

I suppose they may have added the scene for realism; bats hang and sleep inverted after all. It’s also no stretch to think Batman would do this as part of his training regimen. It’s part of mine, generally one of the final parts.

Keaton was on a frame which requires effort to climb on and lock in before suspending the body upside down. There is a much easier device that does the same thing: the inversion table.

inversin table

One just lies back on it, secures the ankle restraint, and a motor rotates the table over 180 degrees. All you do is hang there and maybe do a little stretching. Why would Batman or anyone else bother? Here’s why:

Joint relief. The Earth is a big thing, a hefty Six Septillion kg. After years of walking around with all that mass exerting gravity on the body everyone develops some kind of joint compression and related pain – back, knees, etc. Inverting instantly reverses gravity. This allows the joints to open up. That takes pressure off the nerves which cause pain.

Muscle problems. Inverting stretches out tired and tense muscles, tendons and ligaments. This promotes healing and alleviates some pain and tension.

Circulatory system. Gravity causes blood to pool in the feet and legs. That causes problems – bad veins, swelling, etc. Inverting reverses that too. Blood rushes to the head and upper body. A frequent first time complaint is about the head rush. One quickly gets used to it or, if not, one can get most benefits by just breaking parallel with going completely upside down.

Sinus relief. All that blood in the head increases pressure on the sinuses. Temporarily this may make nose breathing more difficult. However, as soon as the body is righted again all the overpressure rushes out. With it also often goes existing pressure in the sinuses. All of a sudden the nose opens up and breathing is easier than ever.

All of these listed benefits cause more benefits: more energy, faster recovery, increased immune function, better digestive health, lower blood pressure, on and on. Super benefits for any superhero. Try it as soon as you can.