I wanted to sleep in this morning. Pain had other ideas. I suppose I am lucky in not needing an alarm clock nor ever missing a sunrise. Also, the pain of a thousand workouts has departed my back – now settling in between the shoulders and neck. Progress.

When inspired I write; days like this, I cobble. Here’s what I have:

I need a vacation. Scott Adams seems to be taking the whole month off. You’ll notice the “Vacation Artist X” label on current Dilbert cartoons. Jealous, I must find a friendly squirrel to help me out here.

Dr. Walter Williams gives his informed analysis of what’s wrong with higher education. He also provides some happy exceptions around the country.

A senior German journalist has admitted what many have feared for decades: the European and American media are largely instruments of state propaganda. This being nothing new is still shocking nonetheless. I hear that the nightly news will be renamed the CIA PsyOps Hour.

The trend of indoctrinating American school children in Islam has spread from MN to TN. Nathan Deal having stabbed his majority Christian constituents in the back, perhaps Georgia elementary students will be invited to the next ISIS crucifixion of a Catholic priest. We pay for this crap.


State child abuse. Google.

Happily Masters mania cranks up next week. Shinebox and Daly at Hooters. Golf carts on Washington Road. Class and sunshine in the second city.

Now, where’d I put the Advil?