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On this Easter weekend, amidst all the celebrations, countless examples manifest of what we face. Christianity and civilization are under assault as usual.

*correction* I, along with the media, botched the names of one of the Brussels terrorists, the man in white. His name is Legion, for they are many.

Their plans are both sophisticated and far ranging. The Brussels bombers were under investigation, seemingly too late. However, police pressure probably averted greater tragedy. The real plot was to enter a commercial nuclear power plant for sabotage or in order to craft a dirty nuclear bomb. The terror web is vast and well organized. Others may attempt to carry out the original plan.

The groups and individuals involved are also better known than might be expected. One of the Belgian terror brothers, an actual Belgian citizen, entered Turkey on his way to Syria. There he was arrested and deported back to Belgium. Turkish authorities warned that he was a terrorist. The warning was lost.

Much seems lost in America too. Attack after attack and this weekend Hussein Obama vowed to import even more terrorists into the U.S. Once here they are given preferential treatment. In Minnesota public schools are bending over backwards to accommodate the surge in Muslim students, with prayer rugs, dietary requirements, and periodic calls to prayer. These are the same government schools where Christian children are treated like outlaws and the mention of Christ as a felony offense.

In Georgia proposed legislation to protect religious freedom, namely Christian, is under attack from a host of hellish forces. Marvel, Disney, Hollywood and the NFL, all purveyors of filth and wordly degeneracy, are raising hell to keep Christians in check.

Sadly, most of these battles go unnoticed and unheeded by the masses. Even without Disney and ISIS the people are perfectly capable of acting like savages.

A video from a neighborhood brawl in my city has been making the rounds and the news on the internet. This majority (or all) black affair resulted in the death of one young man and murder charges against about a dozen people. The violence started over a stupid dispute at a local high school. It could have been much worse.

In Connecticut thousands of (mostly white) people rampaged like wild animals at a free to the public Easter egg hunt. “Adults” ran around like mad and trampled small children into the mud. All over nearly worthless prize eggs.

In a way these two stories are heartening. In a land with so much racial strife it’s nice to see blacks and whites getting down on the same page. Another recent example of racial harmony in America: a young friend of mine narrowly escaped kidnapping and rape by a gang of thugs. Happily, the gang was 50/50 white and black. You see the problem, don’t you? We, collectively, seemed to have sunk to unthinkable lows of barely human behavior.



All of this is almost enough to make one disclaim humanity and the modern world. Yet, especially today, it does not matter. As bad as it ever gets the Faithful shall endure. So Jesus said to Saint Peter: “upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18 KJV. 

He rose so that we too might.